Use temp table in reports

1. Create a report
2. Add a data source of your temporary or ‘real’ table to the query
3. Create a simple design
4. Declare your temporary or a ‘real’ table in Class declaration as ‘myTmpTable’
5. Overwrite method ‘run’ on the reportRun and write code like this:
public void run()
   myTmpTable.setTmp(); //only needed if it is a real table and you
                        //want to use as a temporary table in this report,
                        //means if in AOT the table is not declared with
                        //property ‘temporary’.
   myTmpTable.fieldA = ‘A’;
   myTmpTable.insert(); // insert a temporary record into table
   myTmpTable.fieldB = ‘B’;
   myTmpTable.insert(); // insert an other temporary record into table
   element.queryRun().setrecord(myTmpTable); //inform the queryRun to
                                             //use your instance of temporary table
6. If you now execute your report only the two created records should be shown. After loosing the pointer to myTmpTable (when leaving the report) the data inside temporary table doesn’t exist anymore.
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