Change table properties using X++ code

If you have ever wondered if you can change table’s properties using X++, here is the answer:
static void ChangeTableProperties(Args _args)
    xInfo xInfo = new xInfo();
    treeNode node = xInfo.rootNode().AOTfindChild("Data Dictionary");
    treeNode childNode;
    treenodeIterator nodeIterator;
    str properties;
    str tables;
    str newLable = "Change label";

    node = node.AOTfindChild("Tables");
    nodeIterator = node.AOTiterator();
    childNode =;
    while (childNode)
      tables = childNode.treeNodeName();
      if(tables == "AssetBook")
        properties = setProperty(childNode.AOTgetProperties(), "Label", newLable);
      childNode =;
Although it is not recommended to modify table properties using X++, it will be useful in some specific situation.

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