RunOn property in Axapta

The class has a RunOn property that have three values: Client, Called From and Server. Objects created from the class will then live at the location specified.
If you choose Called from, the object will live at the tier where the code creating it (by calling the new constructor) is running.
Classes extending other classes will also inherit the RunOn property. You cannot change it if it is Client or Server. If it is Called from, you can leave it or change it to Client or Server.
But someone may wonder that menu items have their RunOn properties, what will happen if the RunOn property of a given menu item pointing to a class is set to Server, whereas the class’s RunOn property is set to Client. The answer is that only if the Class’s RunOn property is set to Called From, the objects will be created determined by menu item’s RunOn property.
Also there is another situation, the class has static main method which has a RunOn property as well. What will happen if the menu item’s RunOn property is set to client, whereas main method has a server modifier. The answer is it will determined by main method’s modifier.
Axapta will create the objects according to the prioritized sequence of Class’s RunOn property, Class’s main method’s modifier, menu item’s RunOn property. And please notice that in Fat Client mode, even you can set the Class’s RunOn property to Server, Axapta will still create the objects in client side instead of Server side.

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