X++ code to remove identical copy

Our client asked for a job to remove the identical copy from VAR layer.
For some unknown reason, some AOT objects are touched in VAR layer but actually are identical copy. When the developer compared the VAR layer object with the one in lower layer (BUS, SYS etc.), AX showed it was an identical copy.
Here is the example on how you can remove the identical copy in X++ code:
static void FindAndDeleteIdenticalObjects(Args _args)
    SysTreeNode     comparable1, comparable2;
    TreeNode          curLevelTreeNode, upperLevelTreeNode;
    UtilIdElements    utilElements, joinUtilElements;
    while select UtilElements
        where UtilElements.utilLevel        == UtilEntryLevel::var &&
                UtilElements.recordType     == UtilElementType::Form         ||
                Utilelements.recordType     == UtilElementType::Report      ||
                Utilelements.recordType     == UtilElementType::Table        ||
                Utilelements.recordType     == UtilElementType::Class         ||
                Utilelements.recordType     == UtilElementType::Enum        ||
                Utilelements.recordType     == UtilElementType::ExtendedType
        //Should use join if for a normal table, but not applicable for UtilElements
        //Performance hit if use exists join
        select firstonly recid from joinUtilElements
            where joinUtilElements.utilLevel     !=  UtilElements.utilLevel    &&
                  joinUtilElements.name            == UtilElements.name        &&
                  joinUtilElements.recordType   == UtilElements.recordType;
        if (joinUtilElements.RecId)
            //Thanks for Jim Shepherd here
            curLevelTreeNode      = SysTreeNode::findNodeInLayer(UtilElements.recordType, UtilElements.name, UtilElements.parentId, UtilElements.utilLevel);
            upperLevelTreeNode  = SysTreeNode::getLayeredNode(curLevelTreenode, 1);
            comparable1              = SysTreeNode::newTreeNode(curLevelTreeNode);
            comparable2              = SysTreeNode::newTreeNode(upperLevelTreeNode);
            if (SysCompare::silentCompare(comparable1, comparable2))
                info(strFmt("Element name: %1, Element type: %2", UtilElements.name, enum2str(UtilElements.recordType)));
                //Remove the node
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